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Month: August 2016

Slogan winner announced!!

Slogan winner announced!!

wood_cube_lettersHowdy fellow Diglers!

We’re pleased to announce that the winner for our slogan competition has finally been chosen! The results have been highly anticipated, so a very big thank you for all your patience.

The decision wasn’t an easy one, since we received so many great ideas. It’s obvious that many of you put a huge amount of effort into trying to understand the Digle concept, so we’re very grateful for all your time, energy, and creativity.

It was crucial that everyone who got into the top-ten did so by receiving honest, organic votes, and rest assured, we were able to weed-out all the spam, creating a list that was totally legit.

So then it was on to the really hard bit: deciding which of the top-voted slogans was the absolute winner. There was some clear genius, plenty of comedy, and a bit of…downright oddness to pick from. In the end of course, we chose the one that rang true to our vision here at Digle.

In the end, we decided that we loved the way @mmatheny125’s slogan, “Robots Search, People Digle”, expressed how Digle is setting itself apart from the typical search engine, and we’ll be thinking about how it can be used to shape our vision!

Many of our favourites didn’t make it into the top-ten, but we liked them so much, we eventually picked a couple to receive $500. And as a big thank you to everyone who entered – even those who didn’t make it into the winning lists – you’ll find some free credits in your account next time you log in to Digle.

Once again, we’d really like to thank everybody for their hard work; you really are such a creative bunch! We also hope you continue to enjoy using Digle as much as we’ve enjoyed reading through your entries.

And here is the full list of winning entries!

The Winner

@mmatheny125 Robots Search, People Digle.

Other Top-Ten Winners

Digle: It Pays to Know

Result you want, Rewards you deserve

Search. Locate. Discover…Digle.

Digle deeper, start a search party.

Real people, real time, real results.

@snapper1990 Go Digle or Go Home

@matto Let’s Get Our Digle On

@searchmonster Unleash the Power of Social Search

@Jouk The Perfect Information Network

$500 Runners-Up

@Rachel I found it

@Mo-ments Don’t Dig, Digle!