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Why Digle? Why now?

Why Digle? Why now?

Welcome to Digle, the new people powered social search engine. In just a few weeks time our new platform will launch, connecting searchers and finders around the world, people that have information and ones that seek this information. We’ll help you find the search results you really need, not just those from companies with the biggest SEO or advertising budget. 


The problem with search today

Way back before the advent of search engines, finding what you needed on the internet took a lot of time and effort. You had to trawl through lots of different websites to find what you needed. Then search engines came along and we all started ‘Googling’ for everything from facts for a school essay to finding the cheapest flight.

For a while, finding what you needed on the web was as easy as a Google search. Then, more and more businesses and websites joined the internet and gradually getting the right search results became tough again. (check out the enormous mass of info added on the net each second

A search for ‘cheap flights’ produces over 70 million results in half a second. That’s a wealth of data but how do you know which site has the best price for your flight? The best result might come from a small business which doesn’t have a large paid search budget or lots of SEO or technical website power. The chances are that you aren’t the first person to have this problem and that THERE COULD BE A MUCH BETTER SEARCH RESULT FOR YOU waiting just a few more pages and clicks away.

Google, Yahoo and Bing have all focused on bringing us as many results as they can as quickly as possible and they’re doing an amazing job at it – to some extent. Unfortunately, these results have become less relevant – they are obviously relevant to your keyword but, that’s only because you have no alternative.  We all have at least one of these ‘search master’ friends that will always find it cheaper, better and faster.

So how do you get through all the irrelevant pages and unhelpful content to find your perfect needle in the haystack that is the web? How do you get the perfect result – not just a relevant one?


That’s where Digle comes in

Digle is a new people powered Search which connects searchers and people around the world that have the perfect answer or have the skills of digging it up for you. Our nutty professors have spent months coming up with fantastic algorithms and calculations. We look at what people are searching for, such as a rare vodka, a flight or where to buy the latest gadget. We match these search queries to people who’ve got the amazing search skills needed to find just what you are looking for and normally at a much lower price.

Searching on Digle, you can pre-filter your personal search results and get help from other Diglers with the right skills or knowledge to find exactly what you want the first time around.

Digle makes it easier to get the best results from across the web by connecting you with a gigantic source of live knowledge and finding power – people around the world.


Digle vs traditional search engines

Like we said, with a traditional search you get thousands or millions of results in a fraction of a second ranked by… (drumroll please) the website’s technical power, the webmasters SEO skills or the company’s advertising budget. With so many results you have a few options:

  • Just go with the first result. It must be the best? Right…
  • Read through as many pages as you can, hoping to eventually strike it lucky.
  • Get bored. Switch off your computer and give up! Maybe tomorrow…

Not the best situation. A traditional search engine also falls down when you have a more complex question. Traditional search engines work great if you have a simple query, like ‘where is my nearest supermarket’ ‘what’s my suppliers phone number’ ‘how do I get from A to B’. But what if you are looking for a 2nd or 3rd hand yellow mini made after 2011 with no visible damage which costs less than £5,000 within 50 miles of West London or if you’re looking for a great vegetarian restaurant with a relaxed vibe which stays open after midnight on a Saturday in Manchester? Or for what’s the best software to manage my team having such and such requirements?

Digle leverages people power. We use our powerful search algorithms and connect you with finders all over the world who have the knowledge of just what you are looking for – or the magic finding skills.

Not only does Digle save you a lot of time, it will save you money too by finding what you want at a mostly lower price, compared to the top listed suppliers.


Digle for searchers

Finding what you want on the web isn’t always straightforward, but using Digle is. Create an account, login, top up your account with Digle credits (after or before using your demo credit) and start adetailed search starting at less than $1. The more information you can give finders, the better your search results will be. You can specify how soon you need a result, whether minutes, hours or days as well as how many credits reward you want to give the finder. More time gives this powerful search network of people powered searchers a better chance of finding the right result for you.

Spending a couple of pounds or dollars could save you hundreds and will certainly save you precious time.


Digle for finders

Are you great at finding things on the web? Do all your friends and family ask you to do their searches for them? Do you want to get paid for using your valuable search skills? If so, the world needs you. Make it a mission to help people get the right search result and save them time and money, and you are rewarded for your finds with Digle. Searchers can choose how many credits to award you for finding what they need. These credits are transformed to cash when reaching your account.

You can set alerts to let you know when searches are coming up for domains you know inside out, that makes it even easier to help people and strike more cash and badges.

shutterstock_65802835Badges and XP we mentioned? We’ve also made Digle fun. As you perform more finding and help more people find the best results for them, you can earn badges and rewards. Check how you rank against the world’s best web searchers and compete to become the best Digler.

Digle is a fun way to use your web search skills to earn money
So that’s us at Digle. Check back soon when launch our main site and in the meantime put your creative hat on and get thinking of a great slogan for Digle. You could win yourself $20,000!